How to style a holiday foyer

When you open the front door of your home you’re allowing the first glimpse into the feeling of your home.  Does it say welcome, come in? Or go away- not today! Whether you’re selling your home or just welcoming in a guest or a visitor, your foyer is setting the tone of the entire house.  It’s your chance to create whatever you wish to show people about you and your family!

There are a few key items to consider incorporating into the space.

A Rug-  Not just a small welcome mat to wipe your feet but a larger more prominent rug with a design and color to set the tone.  Guests will feel led in to the home if the rug is longer and bigger much like a path or a walk way entices you to follow it to where it leads.  Either a 4 x 6 or a runner would work nicely to elongate the foyer and drag the space into the living area. Placing a larger area rug here will also allow you to create a color scheme or a vibe for the rest of the home.  

A foyer light- Try finding a light fixture which is updated and eye catching to add interest to the foyer as well. Shopping for a light fixture does not have to be daunting and can easily be done online.  Just choose something that appeals to you and works with the surroundings. There really are no limitations! 

I chose a sparkly chandelier over my rustic table which in theory would be opposite of each other but I love it and the sparkle is intoxicatingly beautiful!  Though it is not in my foyer, it would easily work there as well. As I write, I have no light fixture in my foyer as the one I had actually fell out of the ceiling while being dusted!  It will be replaced, just haven’t found the perfect one yet!

A foyer table is the key ingredient to a well-dressed foyer! The table can be long or short depending on the size of the space.  It’s a perfect place to display holiday décor ( or just a lamp and other accessories during non-holiday time). One with drawers can be a great storage solution as well.

A bench or chair is also a nice addition as it can make the visitor feel like it’s home and they feel invited to sit and relax.  It’s a place to display your favorite holiday pillows or a comfy throw too which makes everything feel cozier! The foyer is the perfect place to create whatever vibe you want your guests to notice about your home.  It’s the perfect place to bring in holiday décor and set the tone.  

Have fun, be creative and use unique, interesting pieces to make the space enticing. It will leave your guests wanting more.

Happy decorating!