Revitalize your space for 2020.

Welcome 2020!!

If you’ve been feeling anything like me after taking down all the beautiful holiday décor, you’re also looking for replacements, refreshment, and inspiration to revitalize your space for 2020.

As soon as the items come down from the mantle and foyer table and the beautiful warmth of the lights stop shining, I’m instantly thinking about what I can do to change up the décor and add new interest to the space.

Which leads me to painting because currently my home is 50 shades of gray!!

While this color is so neutral and works with every color, it is starting to feel very gray with the gray skies outside so looking at color for the walls is my new adventure! Yes, gray is still very popular and lots of people are using it with white however, it too like most colors, will have a shelf life and gray is nearing the end of its era.  I believe it will still be around just like white kitchen cabinets, it will most likely stand the test of time, however, I do hope to see other variations of neutral colors being chosen such as different shades of white, greiges and even black as an accent color.

We chose the perfect shade of pink for our daughters’ room which started off being a very bubble gum pink color.  Although the color was pretty, most people don’t want to see bright pink walls when they are looking at purchasing your home so think about resale while choosing your colors.  For example, the color we chose is just a touch of pink but still very much gives the you the pink feeling without being overly saturated. 

How to choose your paint color? I would always suggest choosing on the lighter scale of the color you are looking for so if you have a color card of pinks, try to choose the first or second shade from the top.  If you go further down the chart, the color becomes more saturated once it gets on the wall, it darkens up from there as well.  Keeping the color light while still getting the idea across is going to go the distance versus the full-strength color that is much darker or deeper. 

In our daughters’ room, we chose Benjamin Moore Frosted Café and it is heavenly!  It works perfectly with the rose gold day bed and is so subtle and not offensive or bright.  Having painted a room or 10 over the years has taught me these tough lessons and many a room has been repainted for this very reason.   But I’m feeling like we can live here without having to paint again since my colors are subdued now and not overly trendy… except for the gray!! UGH! May have to try to change those walls to off whites so I will never get tired of the color again!… Well, at least a girl can hope….